Beyond the cake, dresses, tuxes and rings, weddings have a way of quickly becoming a major cost. While Nashville may be famous for its Bachelorette parties, there are many ways that the bridesmaids (and the entire bridal party) can help the bride and groom create a special event while helping them save on the cost.

Try a craft party for a shower or bachelorette to make wedding decorations, party favors for the guests or table décor.

Centerpieces can be created with paper lanterns, garlands and glassware vases that each of the bridesmaids has in their homes.

Bouquets and boutonnieres can be assembled the day before the wedding with fresh flowers or at a party ahead of time if the bride is using paper or silk flowers.

Party Favors for the guests might be something like hosting a party to create personalized candies or chocolates, scented candles or other small gift items.

If any of the bridal party is a seamstress or good with crafts, consider making veils, sashes or hair clips.

If the bridal party is able to follow an embroidery pattern, consider making the bridal couple a tablecloth and the napkins for the bride and groom reception table. These become wonderful keepsakes long after the wedding with the needlework of the wedding party along the edges of the tablecloth.

And the bride will need stationery, thank you cards and envelopes. Consider making the stationery and assembling a set of hand made cards for her to use.

And, remember, keep the bride’s style and preferences in mind as you plan these crafting experiences. This will help ensure that the final products are something that she will love and appreciate.